Getting back into the swing of things (at least I’m trying to okay?) 0.0

Wednesday. It’s Wednesday already? #HumpDay. I am back in college since I’ve had a week off to “study” (trust me, I did my absolute best to do some college work….and play video games….sleep? I remembered doing something productive). But legit though, I have one assignment that needs to be done this week so I’m getting it done (slowly but surely, she says).

To be brutally honest, I actually missed having classes last week, I missed waking up every day to go to college to quench my knowledge of all things gaming. You must think I’m crazy for missing lectures but can you blame me? As a game design major, I am ecstatic every time I go to class because I know that I’m going to learn something freakingly, gametastic awesome like. Even though intro to scripting is my most challenging unit yet [love/hate relationship, you get the idea] I still look forward to learning new concepts and this applies to all the units I am currently studying.

On Monday, for rational problem solving (pretty much mathy maths), one of my assignments is a group assignment where I have to work together in my group to ask the general public (friends/people we happen to know and I guess strangers too) certain questions in a form of a survey with the assistance of Google Forms (nifty invention I must say) that must relate to our hypothesis. Since all the people in my group are in the same degree as me, it’s imperative to survey people in relation to games so we decided to create a survey called: Games Anonymous: A study in Game Addiction (just putting this out there, that would have to be the sickest title for our survey. Legit). We formed [no pun intended] our questions in Google Form, subsequently sending it off to random people in our college, people in our class/degree, even to our dear friends on the Facebook (To the people to who took their time to fill out our survey, your input is much appreciated so Thank you! YOU GUYS ROCK OUR SOCKS). Looking at the amount of responses to our survey as I type this, I’m actually surprised at the amount of you lot who filled it out…. I kid you not, in the past couple or so days, the amount of responses is OUT OF THIS WORLD! We’re talking 100’s of responses and counting. Wish us luck to refine the responses and what not, this should be fun. Fun fun. If you want to know the final product of my group assignment, just give me a buzz then we’ll talk, mmkay?

I guess to sum up the past week: relatively busy (playing video games is technically homework so you has no excuse, mwahahaha), a multitude of assignments I have yet to complete and also, Tearaway on PS VITA is a sick game, I’m half-way there!

Hope you lovely people are well and stay tuned for my next blog!

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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