Dem stressful feels. WHY YOU DO DIS TO ME.

Errm, let’s see…. Ah yes, it is indeed week 9 of trimester one. Cannot believe we are over half-way through the trimester, it boggles my mind. BOGGLES. This past week has been quite overwhelming, granted that I have multiple assignments due this week…. That consists of a class presentation with a partner on a game based on the last assignment that we had to complete in class (game analysis on a game we chose), another scripting assignment (it’s been a love/hate relationship and I’ll most likely consider that as a long term thing, #sorrynotsorry), and so on. I’m probably at the point where I’m starting to feel the stress seeping into my system…. Yeah, definitely feeling something…. Must….keep….going…. gotta.…finish….stuff. *eye twitch*

I find myself constantly talking to classmates about assignments/advice on said assignments which is really, really helpful. It’s kinda like sharing the load, even though they’re not actually doing the work (or are they? Evilness ensues. Haha nope, I’m not that evil…. At first). Am I the only one that thinks/feels this way? Hmmm guess I’m just imagining things. Hopefully I’ll let you all know how the rest of my assignments go in next week’s blog, that’s if my brain is still functioning.

This is legit the one main thing I’ve been keeping consistent every week ever since I’ve completed blog posts as an assessment at QANTM. I like to think of it as an exercise, even if no one reads them. It’s all about getting those creative juices flowing (and I guess improve my writing skills too). And yes, letting off a little steam every week wouldn’t hurt anyone right? *Activates human shield*

I’ve been really surprised at the few of you who’ve read my blog and telling me that it’s been a pleasure to read (thanks to the people who read my wordy words). Didn’t know that my writing appeals to some people, which is something that I still don’t get. Maybe I’ll realise it, maybe not so who really knows.

I’ve told a few people about this but if I haven’t, I shall inform you all that I’ll be volunteering at the Royal Sydney Easter Show this year on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday (both weeks) so if you happen to be there on those days and see me, come and say hello! I’m actually excited, like legit, I wanna just eat all the carnival food. #WOOOHOOO #EATALLDEMFOODS.


It’s been an intense week; I shall expect more of these as the week’s progress, more or less.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s blog post, stay safe kids.


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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