Bonding, more college stuff, life?? (You out there?)

You know what I love about people? Especially when they happen to be friends of mine? Bonding and/or quality time, not bondage (get your mind out of the gutter, geeez). Yes, having this with people makes my life more radical. Legit though. I guess it wasn’t until this past week that I’ve experienced more in depth conversations with classmates at college. Don’t get me wrong, I live for this stuff, I like asking questions or just talking in general (ranging from what’s considered “normal” to just legit weird). Deal with it, I’m sure you guys are like that….or not…. that’s alright, we can still be friends. Recently a classmate of mine had a partay which a few of my classmates and I had the pleasure of attending. Indeed, it was the first time we’ve actually gone out as a group, having fun times with drinks and what have you. Can’t recall everything that happened (I wonder why), but I do remember having awesome chats with these people, and I hope that there will be more to come! #Youknowwhoyouare #Stayawesomekids.

In other (college related) news, I finally did my class presentation with my partner last Thursday and it went surprisingly well, at least I think so. I seriously thought we were going to be the first ones to do our presentation but no, it took a while until we went second last to get up in front of the class and started talking/making hand gestures. I’ll admit, there were a few laughs, I even made some minor mistakes which incidentally turned into jokes which the entire class found hilarious (yeah, let’s go with that reasoning). Both my partner and I did an awesome job; I’m actually starting to like class presentations now…. but still, baby steps. Lots and lots of baby stepping, sounds adorable when I think about it for some odd reason. #DontknowwhereIwasgoingwiththat.

As mentioned before on my previous blog, I have been involved with volunteering at the Royal Sydney Easter Show and it’s been a somewhat interesting experience thus far. I’m halfway through my shifts, my feet feel like they’ve been shot numerous times but still, I have enjoyed every moment of it because I love helping out in communities (and I guess free stuff is good too but mostly the helping part is what fulfils me) #Helpingothersistotescool #Youshouldtryitwhenyougetthechance.


Easter is fast approaching so I hope you guys are stuffing yourselves with Easter eggs/anything Easter related/FOOODS.


Be well! *Bows*


 DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome). 


2 thoughts on “Bonding, more college stuff, life?? (You out there?)

  1. bananana says:

    Hey hey Janette! Can I just say that I absolutely LOOOVE reading your blog, it’s really interesting and it’s so nice to see that your presentation went well, I was worried hahahha :L
    Anyway, dftba and keep writing!~

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