I’ve really got to prioritise my writing on a Wednesday. THIS IS CRAZY.

Week 11…. Honestly, I’ll be like really surprised if I even make it out of this first trimester. The fact that I have pending assignments that need to be completed in the last week just…. Ummm…. Uhhh…. Woops, blanked out just then. Seriously though, it’s getting pretty intense but I’m sure I’ll be fine right? *eye twitch*

As some of you might know, today marks the last day of the Sydney Royal Easter Show in which I happen to finish my last shift last Sunday (cannot believe it’s been six shifts already!). I must say though, it was an interesting yet rewarding experience. Out of all the volunteering I have done in my life, this would have to be the one where I’ve been exposed to a vast amount of customer service. Of course there were days where it was really, really hectic (This was during the Easter weekend, THERE WERE A LOT OF CHILDREN), but when I reflect on it, I really didn’t mind having to suffer just a little bit. Having to suffer (even if it’s minor) just to help others makes the whole volunteer experience all the more worthwhile. Not sure if you guys can relate but yes, it’s the best feeling when it’s done right.

Recently, I’ve written another blog for a very good friend of mine, it really was a pleasure writing for this guy, never thought I would go through with it but I have! It was totes amazeballs (yes, I like saying that phrase, deal with it). Here’s the link to the blog if you guys are keen for more bloggity from me: http://vagrantrant.com/2014/04/19/single-or-multi/ hope you guys like it, I’ve got some great feedback on it so that’s always a good thing. Awesome sauce.

I just realised something…. I haven’t played any video games for like weeks. Like, OMG I’ve been so focused on doing assignments that I’m sort of forgetting to actually play video games! I know right? I can feel your beady little eyes on me and be like “But you study games design, how are you not playing any video games?? You mental or something?” That needs to be fixed somehow. I’m sure I can think of a solution to this dilemma, yeah? Yeah?? Kewl.

Final summation:  multitude of college assignments, volunteering is like great (try it, it is fun stuff) and yes, PLAY MORE VIDEO GAMES.


Also, eating Subway at Mc Donald’s is seriously kick ass. Y’all should try it sometime. My friends who were with me at the time can agree.


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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