Dem ponderings, dem proposal, DEM PIANO TILES.

Have any of you felt like lying down on your bed whilst staring at your bedroom walls for hours? Yeah, it’s just those one of those days where I do that and reflect on life. Oh man, this gets to the extreme whenever I take a shower. EVERY SINGLE TIME, I go have a shower and I somehow make all my life decisions at the moment of cleansing myself. It’s like the shower is my thinking chamber, where I spend a ridiculous amount of time pondering “what is the meaning of life?” (Besides the fact that it’s 42). I realise I do this level of “thinking” a lot when I have nothing better to do…. Does anyone else do this? Maybe I’m going insane and no one knows it, maybe not. *shifty eyes*

What did Janette do in College so far this week? 2 class presentations as assessments (they were alright, hopefully I passed the one I had to do today), my final practical assignment for scripting is nearly finished (just need to recheck to see if my code needs anymore additions and post-mortem needs to be done), I legit haven’t started my final assignment for GAM100. I have to do a Design Modification Proposal and to be quite frank; it’s kinda giving me a hard time getting my head around it. To those who have/are studying game design, care to give me some tips? I wouldn’t know where to begin to change a certain aspect of a game I like…. Honestly though, I’m pretty agnostic whenever I play video games, I usually play games for the experience as well as enjoy the game itself. I think/feel that if I want to change something in a game, I start to believe that I’m devaluing the game? Dunno if that makes any sense but does anyone get that vibe? I thought about doing my design mod on the game I analysed for my last GAM100 assignment (Pokémon Blue), but I wouldn’t know what I want changed/enhanced in the game? This really makes me wonder, like a lot. I can only hope that I can get something down on paper before this class tomorrow.

Speaking of games, one of my college friends introduced me to this new game app called “Piano Tiles” (It’s also called “Don’t Tap the White Tile” on Android). MY FREAKING GOODNESS, I’m like legit addicted to this micro game, it’s like Flappy Bird, only not? Basically the aim of this game is to hit the black tiles (avoid the white tiles while doing so!) think of playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) but with your fingers. It’s great. Y’all should download it (it’s free) and beat my high score [in arcade mode] *cough* my high score so far is 854 *cough* it legit makes the long bus rides home just that more enjoyable.


So, to sum dis up: dem meaningful showers really can do you good sometimes, have a few more assignments to conquer, GO PLAY PIANO TILES (Legit get on that shizz).


Hope you all are having a fabulous week!


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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