Final week at College, Free Comic Book Day and upcoming Melbourne trip. WOO FREAKING HOO.

WOWSERS. We have finally reached the final week of trimester one! How about that huh? Legit I can’t even right now, CAN’T FREAKING EVEN. I remember week one like it was yesterday…. it blows my mind every time I ponder that thought. I have learnt so much stuff these past 13 weeks! I learnt how to blog/reflect my thoughts in writing, had some exposure to some programming (annoying subject but ironically it’s the unit I’m actually doing very well on) hell, I even learnt how to use excel properly. It’s been awesome to say the least, exams are a different story though, finished my last one yesterday. I can honestly say that exams aren’t my cup of tea but still, it’s been like fantastic being a student again and I definitely look forward to next trimester! Until then, I has one more class tomorrow then I’m on my trimester break for 3 weeks. Legit though I will miss college, makes me kinda sad when I think about it…. maybe, just maybe, I’ll pretend to have classes at college for the next 3 weeks and actually go there and be like “don’t mind me, I’m just hangin’ round waiting for class to start” ß says Janette when she talks to herself. Yep, don’t mind the crazy lady, she has issues (shhh, don’t tell anyone).

In other nerdy news, I had the pleasure of going to Free Comic Book Day once again but with college peeps this time round! IT WAS AWESOME, saw some familiar peeps whom I haven’t seen in ages, got my free comics (which is always the best part!) I cannot wait to read them all during the break. That’s my reading list sorted for the holidays!

I has some exciting news to share with you all! (you probably know this already but if not, read on), I’ll be going away with my lovely boyfriend to Melbourne for a week! I’m legit excited, to the point where I’m flailing like there’s no tomorrow *flails* I am looking forward to seeing my Melbourne peeps, indeed it has been a long time! Can’t wait to see you guys again!! WOO.


Okie dokie artichokie…. can’t believe college is near the end for trimester one, woo go learning! Please don’t leave me!*cough* *cough* I recommend going to Free Comic Book Day to those who have never been, it is so much fun! For reals, you will love dem free comics, JUST DO IT. And Melbourne, I really can’t wait to breathe your air once again. You better be ready for me, I’ll be ready for you. *hair flick*


Until then, I’ll be writing my next blog in the wonderful city that is Melbourne. Heck yes!


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome). 


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