Melbourne, Melbourne, and guess what? MORE MELBOURNE.

Well hello there my fellow readers! I write this blog from the lovely city of Melbourne. It has been 3 days since my departure from Sydney and OH MY DAMNIT…. This city is totes amazeballs! At this present moment I am sitting at a café located in an alleyway along with some mighty fine tunes, and of course, a bottle of cider to accompany me (oh that’s right, my boyfriend’s here too to make this trip just that more eventful).

It has been over 4 years since I’ve last touched Melbourne soil. The main reason I am even on this trip is because my boyfriend wanted to see this band (they are called “Sounds Like Chicken,” a Ska Hardcore Punk band) at this place called the “Ding Dong Lounge” located in Chinatown, apparently they’re one of the greatest bands that ever existed (the bae’s words, not mine). After much speculation and I suppose experiencing this type of music full on, I can safely say that this band as well as this genre of music is freaking incredible! IT WAS SO GOOD THOUGH, everyone was having the time of their lives, heck I even learnt how to “skank”. You’re probably thinking that this sounds uber kinky but trust me, it’s not that dirty, for someone to skank to ska hardcore punk is to basically dance in the off-beat in a skip-like motion, as if you’re trying to walk backwards. When I first saw this in action, the whole concept looks somewhat like a mosh pit, it was that intense!! Legit so intense that a certain someone *cough* the bae *cough* skanked so much that he rolled his ankle as a result, “I did it for the chicken!” he exclaims. He loves them so much that he would “sacrifice” a certain body part just to see them play, waiting 5 years just to watch their reunion show…. I can understand that, I would probably do the same thing if I was in that same position but then again, I’m not that reckless, *chuckles* the gig was 3 nights ago and the bae is doing fine, some would say that he’s literally like a ball and chain but honestly he’s a big boy and him walking with a cane kinda looks badass, I’m not gonna lie.

Moving on from that, I happen to be staying at a friend’s place in a lovely suburb east of Melbourne CBD. This intrigues me mainly because I have never experienced staying in suburbia whenever I’m out of town (I usually stay at a hotel for the duration of my trip away from home) but luckily I happen to know peeps in Melbourne and they were more than happy to welcome us into their humble abode. If you guys are reading this, I thank you oh so much for your hospitality! This is something that I will definitely cherish for a while, you guys are awesome, legit.

A part from being a typical tourist, taking countless photos of what peaks my curiosity, I also happen to be catching up with fellow peeps! Just yesterday I caught up with one of my good friends from primary school and today, I’ve experienced my first ever Melbourne Nerdfighter Gathering (if you do not know what that is, I suggest you look up what Nerdfighter means). I saw some familiar faces, met some new people…. IT WAS GREAT. Pretty much we talked about all things nerdy and what have you, walked around the city, they even showed us some stores which made me nerdgasm like there’s no tomorrow, no joke, I felt like I needed to change my pants. Legit though, I ‘m definitely coming back tomorrow for shopping.

If I were to describe my first impression of this mighty fine city, I would say that Melbourne is legit like hipster central. Some may object to this but I love it! The people are friendly, some of them dress quite like a typical hipster (my kind of style, I ain’t even angry), some of the buildings/alleyways/walls/you name it! Are tres artsy! It’s kind of like Newtown but on a bigger scale, IT’S FANTABULOUS. I have yet to seek more of dem artworks around the city, it’s just so pretty to look at! Oh yeah…. I almost forgot to mention, the transport here is indeed efficient! Well to me anyway, I love travelling on the trams to the CBD everyday, this is undeniably something that Sydney needs, Sydney…. Get your game up yo, damn…. you even make some of the architecture here look more superior. This is something to consider, no pressure.

Nearly everyday since my arrival I can’t help but ponder the thought: “I want to move to Melbourne”. Legit, if I had to pick another city in Australia to live/study/work, it would most likely be Melbourne, no question. Dang, it’s so mind blowingly beautiful here…. Very pleasing to the eyes. I have until Saturday night to bask in the glory that is this wonderful city, better make the most of this trip…. Tomorrow is another day! [To shop til you drop, let’s go with that].


Hope you all enjoyed my [copious amount of] thoughts about Melbourne and all its wonder, I’m sure as hell having fun here!


Until next time, I’ll be back home in Sydney when that time comes…. You kids take care.


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).



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