Let’s escape like what the cool kids do these days. GO GO GO. POTATO.

It has been 4 days since my departure from Melbourne and I’m not gonna lie, I feel kind of homesick…. maybe more inclined to say that I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Despite the fact that I only travelled interstate, it was still quite a far distance from home. It was pretty much my “escape” from my responsibilities here in Sydney. It’s kinda like the feeling where you’re deeply invested in your favourite TV show or you’re totally immersed in a video game you love so much, it’s your escape from the busyness in your life. I think about this concept an awful lot (perhaps a little too much, what can I say? I have a lot of time in my hands at the moment). I don’t want to get too deep in this; I suppose I’m merely just stating the “general feel” of escaping from something. It’s a pleasant feeling; it’s a bummer that what I’ve experienced is just temporary. I will ask this though; can you really “escape” from something? This is probably a very vague question to ask but I’m keen on what you guys think, interpret it however you like or I can leave it as a rhetorical question.

 Do you guys reckon that 3 weeks for a trimester break is too long? Call me ridiculous but I’m missing going to college LIKE CRAZY. Legit, it’s only the second week of the break and I’m really eager for the next trimester to start already!! OH. MY. GOODNESS. I guess to create a similar atmosphere at home, I might work more in my programming, video tutorials are really useful (granted that I’m a visual learner), might also try out some software that I frequently see on the computers at college (have a bit of a play and see what happens), and read about stuff and things!! Those novels/comics aren’t going to read themselves…. or perhaps that they do and I just don’t notice it, maybe they’re plotting something against me for neglecting them for too long (I legit have a reading list that’s over 6 years old, so I guess I deserve some kind of punishment). I will make this my mission, hopefully it can be accomplished. Playing some epic music scores in the background will I guess make these tasks convey more meaning? It’s worth a shot).  

I feel that taking long walks around the neighbourhood is in order (beaches are waay too mainstream), LET’S DO THIS SHALL WE? Honestly, this would be the very first time that I have had “writer’s block” writing this week’s blog, I feel like I’ve been writing for a couple of hours straight (or more! It feels that way but then again I lose track of time when I’ve committed to something, especially if it’s something like this! Usually it takes about 30-45 mins, depending on the topic to finish writing a blog). It’s sort of difficult having to write about your week without going outside the confines of your home (getting the mail doesn’t count but you get what I mean) others may refute that but I dunno, it could be different next time.


So, try and escape when you have to, Trimester 2 hurry up already! And let’s do holiday stuff at home (let’s totally take that walk; I hear that fresh air will do you good, this legit counts as leg day).


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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