Reflection from a weekend away. Retreat style.

I know, it’s been a while…. The only excuse I can think of is that I didn’t have any motivation to write or I couldn’t come up with anything to blog. It’s hard but as I was sitting amongst the outdoorzyness, I had some reflection time at the retreat I participated in, gave me some time to I guess think things through.

I recall that most of my blogs consisted of something college related but for now, I’ll try and reflect my “experience” if you will, at this retreat. A few things come to mind: this was definitely something I needed, especially with the [constant] stress when it came to working on college assignments/surviving college, etc. I needed to get away from the confines of it all. I needed a place where I could escape from using any form of social media/technology (okay, maybe I used my phone a few times for snapchats and taking selfies) but for the most part I ended up not using any of it. I was too engrossed in what was around me: the fresh air, the swaying trees, the abundance of [farm] land, the woods that look legit scary when you go through it at night time, the lack of reception. A very good distraction in a way. I needed to have my mind/soul refreshed in order to focus on what’s more important and seeing “the bigger picture”…. I will admit, I was going through quite a bit when it came to first world problems. I just needed to tell myself that those things are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. Stressing about assignments/college in general isn’t a big deal when thought through properly. Just take into account the essentials.

I’ve been going to this retreat for 2 years now, this been my 3rd one so far and as always, it’s been super incredible. It makes my reflection of life meaningful and I suppose it keeps me grounded in terms of containing my sanity (or lack thereof, shhh…. Don’t tell anyone). I’ll try and write about the progress/experiences in college in my next blog. I think I’ll end it here for now.


Stay safe you crazy cats.


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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