Stuff that I worked on at College in Trimester 2/Reflections of some sort.

I do realise that I am well into my trimester break and that Trimester 2 of College ended like 2 weeks ago…. I reckon I should share with you all some reflections of what I’ve worked on during this past trimester, but I’ll probably show you the ones that I’m somewhat proud of. And yes, there will be pictures for once! 

This one was interesting to make, mainly because I’ve never played this type of game before in my life but alas, it was fun (the design aspect of it all which some people thought was slightly disturbing but that doesn’t surprise me). Honestly the main aspect of this assignment I enjoyed the most was creating the theme well because, I got too into the theme that I may have gotten waay too carried away with, go me. So far you can place buildings on the scene for a specific price and your current balance increases/decreases overtime. One of the things that irked me was when you could still place buildings on top of each other (even though I’ve imputed the code for that not to happen!) it might be a buggy matter me thinks. I think it still needs improvement but I might develop it better in the future. Okay, I might show you one more, I don’t think I’m game enough to show you the rest of my work.


Dat game title tho.

Dat game title tho. If you can see it that is.

The main scene of the game. I'd totally party there if I could.

The main scene of the game. I’d totally party there if I could.


For level design (one of my favourite units of the trimester), we were to create a FPS (First Person Shooter) level that is up to scale that incorporates 6-8 players, deathmatch. What I did for mine was an abandoned school because the concept of killing other players in an abandoned area intrigued me. It included your standard pickups (ammo, health, etc.) it is a two levelled building that is quite compact in size, I figured since this is a fast paced game, it makes the player to think quickly on their feet as they play. There are a few things that I could have done better: created something outside the building to make it as though you can’t see the building floating in mid-aid (because buildings don’t do that, which is a shame), probably added more interactive elements into the gameplay (like say more destructible walls or breakable glass, etc.), added a door animation to the doorways in the level, I initially was going add them during the process of creating my greybox, but for some reason I decided to remove that idea and I kind of regret it, it would’ve made the gameplay just a bit more interesting in terms of game dynamics, of how players react to a door sound once it’s been opened, etc.


If this level actually existed IRL, it would crumble to the ground in seconds. No building can stand with a set of stairs alone. That be cray.

If this level actually existed IRL, it would crumble to the ground in seconds. No building can stand with a set of stairs alone. That be cray.


Well there you have it, stuff that I was working on in College in Trimester 2. I don’t know about you but I am gladly enjoying my break so I’m gonna continue doing the relaxing thing. Who knows? I might brush up on a few skills for college…. Trimester 3 is coming up in a couple of weeks so that might be a good idea.


Until the next one, stay classy.


DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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