Blog 1/Week 1: The Beginning.

Things I need to mention: you guys will be seeing this page be consistent in terms of content. This is because for one of my units in college, I am required to write a blog contributed by my group every week til the end of trimester, so expect some progress coming from us!

So last week the sessions mostly consisted with team building exercises (we came second in the marshmallow challenge), mainly for our lecturer to get to know us a little bit (we have a new lecturer) as well as giving our team a name for ourselves. Thus, we are called 404: NameNotFound. We were then told that we were to create a 2D platformer for this studio unit. We’ve began to brainstorm concepts/ideas of what we want our 2D platformer to have. These include: the main character is a scientist who has harnessed the power of steam (that is steampunk), situated in a decayed 1920’s/30’s city. We have slightly abandoned the idea of time travel due to it complexities. The game’s narrative and concepts are better structured without time travel. We had a list of elements that we featured in the game but we struggled to find a way to gel them together in a structurally cohesive manner. Heavy duty brainstorming took place for at least an hour before we, as a group decided to leave it and communicate our ideas via Facebook. After some online discussion, we agreed on a narrative. For next week, we will prepare to do our pitch explaining our concepts to the class.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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