Blog 3/Week 3: We had 1 day for a class. At least we can make a potato salad in a day.

Due to a public holiday we were not able to attend class on Monday, thus only having 1 class/session to work on our project. We had a few setbacks in building the solution on UE4, there were a lot of errors, and therefore we haven’t started the grapple mechanic or any mechanic for that matter. So instead we attempted to get a head start on the other aspects of our game so that when the coding is ready, we can combine everything and get back on track. We also learnt a tutorial on how to power up the third person by running into an object we have placed along with creating a blueprint for when the player runs towards the object, it explodes letting the player ‘power up’ by making them go faster for a certain amount of time. We were left on our own to figure out how to make sound effects for when making contact with the power up object.

Hopefully next week we will have some more input in our game.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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