Blog 4/Week 4: Claudia can move (for now).

From what we recall from last week, we learnt about vectors, scalars, and touched on some trigonometry (some of which was a refresher from MDU103 in trimester 1). Andrew has finished with the level design of our game (started off drawing it on paper as paper design is an effective method of level design) then finally creating from that the greybox on Unreal 4. Tani has started creating the sprite of the main character and animating its movement. With the help of blueprint, Ethan has been working on the grapple movement, as it is easier to work with as he is not confident on implementing that on C++. I began working on some drafts/concept art for the environment and have been working on that throughout the week. As a personal reflection, Tani has learnt Unreal 4’s flipbook system (hence how the sprite is able to move), Ethan has learnt that you can’t code C++ with templates, you need to use a blank project for it to work. Overall, we have made progress on Claudia. Throughout that week, we continued working on our individual tasks.

Sprite of Claudia, look at that walk.

Sprite of Claudia, look at that walk.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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