Blog 5/Week5: Harry the sprite, who patrols and stuff. Don’t mess with him though, he means business.

During the lecture part of session 1 we watched a few YouTube videos on Scrum, what it means, etc. it was pretty much a refresher on what we learnt in production 1, although this was in great detail. We were also told that in our project plan documents we are to include a risk management plan. And so, we learnt about mitigating risk and how we could implement that on our project plan document. During session 2 we were taught about the RGB colour format and how it is a model in which the three primary colours of red, green and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colours that we are capable of discerning. We also learnt techniques on resizing images/pixel art in order to make then look more polished as opposed to looking blurry and pixilated. Finally in session 3 we went through a tutorial on how to make a sprite move on Unreal 4 using an example sprite provided and created a blueprint in order to make it move, etc. We needed the sprite to move at a certain point (from point a to point b) so we created a blueprint that will move in that direction as well as the speed of the sprite animation/movement by creating a ‘flipbook’ for the NPC to adjust the frames per second of it, etc. In terms of progress of our game, we have got Claudia moving in Unreal 4, although the stance Claudia makes when she jumps might need improving. Tani was working on a stance where Claudia slide kicks and during that she realised that the transition from standing to slide kicking wasn’t at all that smooth and so she had to add an in-between position between Claudia standing and slide kicking. We’ve also managed to successfully ‘pull’ our Claudia projects in Source Tree (just as an fyi).

Here are some screenshots from the PatrollingNPC tutorial we went through using Unreal 4:

Harry's blueprint. Messy isn't it?

Harry’s blueprint. Messy isn’t it?

See that purple little guy? Yeah that's Harry, the example sprite we used for the tutorial.

See that purple little guy? Yeah that’s Harry, the example sprite we used for the tutorial.

Harry the sprite on its lonesome self.

Harry the sprite on its lonesome self.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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