Blog 6/Week 6: All that is Documentation.

From the previous week, we did some group work however we mainly focused on completing an assessment, the documentation for our game as it was due last Friday. The documentation consisted of three types: Project Management Plan, Game Design Document and the Technical Document. Essentially these 3 documents included the following components:

Project plan

  • Project Scope
  • Roles, responsibilities
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Project management and communications frameworks
  • Communications plan
  • Risk mitigation

Design documentation

  • Mechanics and interactive elements
  • Level design
  • Weapon mechanics and balancing
  • Enemy behaviour and statistics
  • Narrative and character design
  • Scoring and win/loss conditions

Technical documentation

  • Coding standards
  • Naming conventions
  • Source Control system
  • Asset management
  • Backups and redundancy
  • Technical feasibility – what gameplay elements will need implementation
  • Potential third party library integrations if any

Tani, as our Project Manager (PM as we like to call her sometimes), did the entire Project Plan. I started off creating the Game Design Document then each of the designers of the team (Tani, Andrew and myself) contributed to the design document. Ethan and Alfred (the programmers) both created and contributed to the Technical Document. All the documentation looks good and we like to think that we made a decent contribution to the ones we were capable of working on.

So throughout the week, we remained working on the documentation as well as keeping in contact via Facebook on what we were doing, what changes/edits we have made to the documentations we were working on. We stored the final documentation on Google Drive as it was accessible for everyone to read them as well as our lecturer to mark them all (for some reason we couldn’t upload them on campus online so we were told to upload them to a folder on Google Drive created by our Unit Co-Ordinator).

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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