Blog 7/Week 9: Just a few changes here and there.

So, it has been about two weeks since our last blog, given that week 7 was a ‘study week’, we thought it was fitting to have a bit of a break from writing/other college related stuff (the rest of the team didn’t, I did though, sickness can do that to you). Also another reason why there has been a gap between the previous blog and today’s blog…. We’ve been informed that the way we write our blogs will be slightly different from now on until the end of trimester. The way that we will write our group blogs is that it will resemble to that of the weekly scrum meetings we will have, along with basing it with some questions given to us from our lecturer. In addition to the group blogs, each one of us in the class has to write an individual Professional Development Blog. They want us to talk about a little bit of our work and the content covered in class as well as how it relates to our ongoing professional goals. If it doesn’t relate to it, we have to explain why/why not? And what could we do to make it more relevant? Okay, back to what was discussed from today’s scrum meeting.

As a team, we have to upgrade the Unreal Engine to 4.5 as it gives us better UI capabilities in general that will assist with development and enable us to solve issue present earlier. We have decided to stop working on the grapple and wall jump mechanic. We will work on other mechanics such as health and enemy collisions to establish a working level as opposed to one or two mechanics. We will begin working on pacing enemies. These are design to fit the new enemies section of the brief for the 3D iteration, so to provide the player with harder enemies to defeat. What I will be working on in the 2nd prototype are the 3D assets in the mid and foreground moving to establish aesthetic design for the 3D iteration. We will be using Blender to allow for production of the 3D assets (also it’s free, can’t argue with that). We’ve established that we will use Skype as a means of communication as some of us can’t get together during days other than college. This will allow for team tutorials and better communication in upcoming weeks. Andrew will remain polishing the 2D aspects so to refine the aesthetics and level design within the 2D prototype to get it to a submittable state and then moving on to 3D to develop 3D assets to use within the next iteration greybox.

We are making progress with Claudia, along with a few setbacks but that’s to be expected with group projects.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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