Blog 8/Week 10: As [I think] the saying goes, a little bit of progress goes a long way.

Just an addition from last week, in the 3rd session, we had a tutorial on how to use Maya and in that we learnt how to create a 3D sword mesh. Also, we finally fixed the grapple mechanic (98% of it anyway), Ethan had some help with it from one of the members of another team.

Scrum time. A majority of us have upgraded to Unreal 4.5 so that’s a good start. Ethan has started adding HUD elements into the game: Health and momentum bar (on the left side, aren’t quite set up yet) and an orange bar on the right hand side, which is the current (semi-working) health bar. So there is a process of trial and error in this regard, to see what’s working, what’s not working, etc. Ethan has messed around a bit more with the wall jump feature.

As mentioned last week I will need to start researching and create at least one 3D asset (along with watching a few tutorials on Maya/Blender beforehand). I was meant to start this last week but other commitments got in the way of that. So this week, I will make this a reality. As we speak I have started making reference images of 3D assets so I can get an idea of what I want to create in Maya or Blender. Tani has begun testing out some colours for the health UI to see which colours are appropriate for the game. We have started learning UV mapping in Maya and Blender as well.

We are learning all the things.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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