Blog 9/Week 11: Blueprint, Blender, Dat deadline coming up in a couple of weeks.

Alright. During the past week somewhat, Ethan has made some Base classes in C++ for the enemies, the traps and the pickups (health, momentum, perhaps some ammo pickups for darts if we decide in the end to implement them). Due to some news regarding the brief, it has been known that coding our game in C++ is no longer required (we could but it’s not necessary) we can use visual scripting (blueprints) in Unreal 4.5. In saying that, the classes in C++ won’t be used anymore.

Tani has created the walking animation for one of the enemies (the thug). She has also used the animation state machine to connect the grapple and attack flipbooks to their inputs. For some reason, the player is still recognised as ‘falling’ when in the air even when it’s grappling so the animation remains unchanged. So all the flipbooks for the enemies for them to walk is pretty much done. We’ll implement that by creating blueprints in order for them to pace within the level.

Andrew has already started creating 3D assets in Blender, so far he has managed to create a blimp from scratch and will include textures by using 3D Coat which is a commercial digital sculpting program from Pilgway designed to create free-form organic and hard surfaced 3D models from scratch, with tools which enable users to sculpt, add polygonal topology (automatically or manually), create UV maps (automatically or manually), texture the resulting models with natural painting tools, and render static images or animated “turntable” movies. He was also having a bit of a play around with a bunch of buildings he found in TurboSquid (a digital media company that sells 3D models used in 3D graphics, not all of them have a cost, some of them we can get for free). The buildings look pretty decent but Ethan pointed out that they have way too many polygons as it will lag the crap out of the level once it’s been placed there.

I have been doing the same thing, so far I have created a 3D asset in Blender of a basic building mesh (I named it Billy, the name speaks to me). At the same time, Ethan has been teaching Andrew and I some tips whilst using Blender that have been very, very helpful (thanks man!). I have UV mapped it and am contemplating on either using 3D Coat as well to paint on textures or just add textures via Photoshop (I’ve been told that using 3D Coat would be easier but we’ll see how it goes). Hopefully I can get the texturing done on Billy this week. It would definitely be a plus if I can get done another 3D asset (most likely a different looking building) just so the buildings that will be placed in the level don’t all look the same. So variety is a good thing here. Also, I’ve been watching countless Blender tutorials just so I can my mind around the UI of it, I’m finding my way with it much easier than using Maya so I will remain using Blender for 3D asset creation.

Only 2 weeks to go til the end of Trimester but I somewhat recall that Claudia will be finished/playable by week 12.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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