Blog 10/Week 12: Dystopian Steampunk Society (Thanks Andrew for this week’s Blog Title!)

This will be the 2nd last blog for our team and we have been doing some things. Like really, things have been done this past week.

What I’ve been doing recently since the last blog is that I have finally added textures to Billy (the building): a scratched metal texture for the wall (to give the building a somewhat old/decayed kind of look) and a glass texture for the windows (might change it to find a more broken look but not sure yet, don’t think I’ll have time in the end as I still have to make other 3D assets and have to implement them within the level). I’ve found them both on Google images and will have to reference them both as I have not created them myself. Looks pretty good for a basic texture on a basic building model. In addition, I have created another 3D asset on Blender, another building (this time I’ve named it Point Dexter, it is funny yes?) I’ve created it so it will look completely different to the other building I’ve made so it looks like a basic skyscraper (not too detailed so to avoid too many polygons, I just created the basic shape is all). I just started using 3D coat for Point Dexter and it has made my life slightly easier, all I have to do is paint the texture on it then when it’s finished, I just simply have to export it and it will be ready to put into the level in Unreal. After that I might start creating other assets like a bridge or some crates but we’ll see how things go.

Andrew began creating a whole new level in 3D with some 3D assets he found in TurboSquid, but we’ll most likely swap over some of the building/other assets with the ones I have already created/soon to be created. In saying that, this will be our final level for submission next week, the 2D level we’ve created will now be our greybox for testing things.

Tani has finally made one of the enemies (the officer) pacing and as Claudia comes into contact with it, the officer positions into a hitting stance and can aim as well as Claudia doing a kicking stance when attacking enemies.

Ethan found some audio for the level, Claudia can now scream ouch and does this when she gets attacked and screams like a little bitch (sorry excuse the French, this didn’t come from me) when she dies/health reaches zero. He also contributed to asset creation by creating a 3D steam pit in Blender that will be used as a steam trap within the level.

Before finishing up here, here are some screenshots of the assets I’ve been working on so far:

Look at Billy in all his nakedness.

Textured Billy is textured.

Yeah, you get the idea.

Much dark. Such building.

We’ve got until next week to make our level into a playable state and to submit it of course.

YES! Things are getting done, which we’re all about!!

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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