Blog 11/Week 13: The Final Stretch for Claudia!!

We have come to the last week of the trimester, it has gone by so quickly! Well to some extent anyway.

Righto, let’s get down to business! (I have that Disney song stuck in my head. #Illmakeamanoutofyou) as this is the final week of the tri, we’re trying to get the final things done in our game. There are a few things we need to meet in regards to the Learning Outcomes of the Studio 1 Unit: Designers – Produce audio assets for game projects which adhere to stylistic and technical conventions, Coders – Create basic audio or visual assets for game projects, Shared – Reflect critically on the strategies you are using to achieve your professional goals, Evaluate how the game production processes impacts on the qualitative elements of game deliverables and Interpret a brief and deliver a product to a client’s specification. So, for the first 2 requirements, this has been done by simply finding, editing and importing an audio asset into the Unreal 4 Engine. The last 2 requirements will be covered when we update our individual reflective blogs (yes I have been doing 2 separate blogs, one for me and my team if you haven’t known that already).

As a post-mortem for this project, my group had to a Post-Mortem Presentation, so the format was a demonstration of our game and post-mortem (I may have said that word too many times) via slides at the front of the class. Dat structure of said presentation: Elevator Pitch – project concept refresher, Demonstration of game and Post-mortem of project – what went right, wrong and what you would do differently. If you want a refresher of what our game is I suggest going to this link here:

There were definitely ups and downs during this project, like for instance I like that a lot of self-learning has been incorporated here, I think it’s important too and that it will be very useful when learning something new that you can easily access via the interwebs. A few things that went right: audio assets for Claudia are working perfectly, the grappling mechanic is finally working, that my team is an awesome team to work with! (You know who you are). Some things that went not so well: technical difficulties regarding using SourceTree (We kept getting errors when pushing, pulling and committing the project which was frustrating), I can’t work on the project from home since my PC isn’t compatible with some of the features our game has so I had to work on it at college, time management is an issue with some of us (like unexpected commitments came up which caused some setbacks). Definitely some important stuff we’ve learned a lot from this trimester. We’ve got until this Friday at midnight to get the final game done so we’re close to finishing (I can almost taste it).

Here is a screenshot of our final level with one of the enemies:

I believe his name is Officer Steve.

I believe his name is Officer Steve.

Wow, legit this is the final blog post for our game Claudia. Can’t believe we’ve reached this far!! It blows my mind. We might work more on Claudia in the future if we so desire but we’ll see. If you’ve been reading these blog entries of Claudia, we really appreciate it. Danke schön! You guys = awesome. :3

As for me, I can finally write the things that aren’t college related. Huzzah! Lel. I might start writing again in the New Year so stay tuned!

Hope you all have a fabulous break/Xmas/anything that is amazingly awesome.

Until the next blog, stay classy you crazy cats.

As always, DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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