Blog 1/Week 1: Cue the Introduction.

Remember from the last blog I wrote that I was finally going to write something un-college related? Yeah, that ended up not happening (a break is called a break for a reason right?) Hopefully down the track I will write something that’s not a requirement for an assignment.

Now that’s out of the way, hello! It’s been a while (this will be my first blog entry in the New Year). I have returned to College for Trimester 4 and one of the units I am taking up (Studio 2) requires me to blog every week about the progress of my team and myself in regards to a new game we will be creating. This tri’s brief of the game is very different from the previous game I have helped contributed to last trimester. This has more content to it, certain concepts that some of which I’m still perplexed with (that I will delve into in the coming weeks of the trimester) mainly because it’s based on a certain genre that I am unfamiliar with. The type of game that my team and I will be making is a transport terminal management game similar to that of Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Sims, Prisoner Architect, etc. I’ve never played such a game in my entire life but I’m going to have to in order to fully understand its features/game mechanics and so on.

Moving on to what I’ve learned in my first week of classes. For those who don’t know how my units work, I’m currently taking up 2 units, upon which 1 of them, Studio 2 is consisted of 3 sessions. In the first session, it started off with the usual introductions to the class then the lecturer made us participate in an exercise where we had to come up with ideas based on “Something that’s been on my mind this week” so individually we brain stormed what was on our minds and then we went into groups to combine all our ideas into one paper. Then from that we took a few points from it to come up with a game that’s on what has been on our minds as of late. From what we gathered, it kind of sounded like a really convoluted game but it was an interesting exercise nonetheless. It was good to get our ideas down on paper as well as getting our brains working again after a long break.

During the second session we finally had the opportunity to get into our teams for our project and started discussing game ideas based on what we have read in the brief. The groups have to come up with three different game ideas by next week in order to discuss them to the rest of the class. Hopefully the ones my team has come up with so far are feasible to work with.

As we began the third session of the day, all of us walked down to the ferry terminal in Circular Quay to investigate certain things based on these questions: What resources exist? What infrastructure exists for the operation of transport? What infrastructure exists for the management of people? How do people work? How does the vehicle work? And what may be unique about this terminal? Why is it unique? There were an abundance of things we have noticed so I am not going into too much detail on that but I will mention that the task itself was very intriguing, there were definitely things there that we wouldn’t normally notice on an average day. And it was great to actually go outside for once during class (really gets our heads thinking) hopefully that will be a thing in the future.

So we actually have some homework to do for the week! (Shock horror) For one, this blog I’m currently writing, our group coming up with 3 ideas with some explanation for each, all of which needs to be done by next week’s classes and playing some transport management games! This should be interesting.

Stick around for upcoming blogs. That would be fabulous if you do.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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