Blog 2/Week 2: 3 Ideas > Deliberation Ensues > One of them ended up being the Chosen One.

So we have begun getting into more detail of 3 game ideas/themes that our group could potentially use for our transport management game.

There was definitely a lot of deliberation but eventually it came down to these 3 themes: Space Station, Drug Cartel and Underworld. Initially both the space station and drug cartel ideas seemed feasible at the time but after explaining both themes to our lecturer, one of them (space station) seemed too large with regards to space and what it featured, the other idea kind of got overshadowed by the third idea we’ve put forth (underworld). The more we pondered/discussed on the third game idea, the more we were keen on actually making this theme a reality. The only hurdle that the lecturer had with this idea is the economic system, so we still need to work out what to do with the currency of the game.

The synopsis for this game is that you play as the Greek goddess Styx who manages lost souls to proceed to the next life by boat. The objective is basically to guide said souls to their correct boat and destination by doing various tasks for the Gods, accumulating enough gold for upgrades, as well as gathering enough souls for yourself in order to become a powerful goddess.

Even though my “knowledge” of Greek Mythology eludes me, this would most likely be a refresher (granted that I do my research) as well as a learning experience since this sort of topic is of interest to me. Nonetheless, I too am intrigued by the idea and am looking forward to getting this project underway.

So far, I plan to do some research on what the souls could potentially look like as well as contribute to the High Concept Document that is due this coming Wednesday, along with our Pitch to the class.

Stay tuned for more.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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