Blog 3/Week 3: Pitching, commencing Skill Development in 3D Modelling and playing Management Simulation games.

This week each team in our cohort had to do our pitches presenting our game to everyone in the Studio 2 Unit (at the time I knew that was a reality as I arrived over 30 mins late where everyone was in another room for said pitches). There were definitely some pointers that people put forth about our game (“constructive criticism you could call it”). A lot of it was already explained in our presentation/slides so we were a little confused that these questions were asked. Although, as a general observation overall, some of the other questions were quite helpful as we at the time didn’t think about it for our game. Even though I myself thought the process of how the questions were asked by the facilitator was uncomfortable at times (some may or may not agree here) but we figured at the end of the day, it would help a lot in the long run in our project.

With regards to want I wanted out of this week, I again did some research on souls specifically with potential concept art that I could use for 3D modelling. In order to do the 3D modelling I needed to refresh my memory on using Blender since I haven’t touched it since last trimester (my bad). So, I dedicated a whole day (since it took the majority of the day) to watch some Blender tutorials with going back to basics, what hotkeys are used, the UI of the software, how to create a certain asset and all the like. Since I haven’t used Blender in a while, it took a while to become aware of what the controls are (still kind of in that position, I figured that this week could be devoted to doing just that). I really wanted to get at least a basic model of a soul created before the next class but seeing as how my pace is with this task, I mainly just focused on sharpening this still in the hopes of getting better/confident at it.

I did however also drew up some concept art of souls based on the reference images I have found on Pinterest/Google Images (I have used them as a source of inspiration since I’m naturally not a good drawer). I drew them all in my sketch book.

Also another of my other tasks was to actually play some management simulation games which I have finally, I’ve mostly been playing SimCity BuildIt on Android. This is so I can get an idea of what the economic setup is like in the game as well as to get a feel in what management games are like in general.

Back to “research” I go.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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