Blog 4/Week 4: Anxious Feels, Changes, Level Design.

It’s already Week 4 and I’m beginning to feel the stress and anxiety for our transport management game (usually this type of stress pops up later in the trimester!).

Our group’s planning is kind of all over the place, granted that our facilitator raised more questions about our game, I was starting to lose confidence (I thought our economic structure seemed feasible). Eventually we had a team meeting with our facilitator after session 3’s class and we began deliberating. A part from it consisting of what tasks we needed to do for the week, there’s going to be some changes to the game, we are changing the theme to the game from Life and Death to Gaining Recognition. Yes, it makes sense since the goddess Styx is a lesser known deity and the objective is to become a well renowned goddess, indicating that just because no one knows about you, doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. I’m still coming to terms to the change in theme but I reckon it’s more appropriate to the one we initially had. This is starting to give me some glimmer of hope, hopefully it stays consistent (I’m 50/50 on that actually).

Moving on to the delegation of tasks that need to be done this week. Initially I was going to continue improving my skills in 3D Modelling but as the due date for Progress Milestone 1 is in Week 6, the priorities lie with that. The first milestone consists of a more detailed prototype (more mechanics and such) as well as a complete documentation (Project Plan, Game Design Document and Technical Document). What I have been assigned to do is a level design of the terminal layout of our game, so far I have drawn the [draft] diagram (both on paper and by using Floor Planner online which I find very, very useful) and made notes explaining it and uploaded them both on Trello.

Here is the [draft] diagram of the 2D terminal layout:

2D Level Design of Terminal Layout.

2D Level Design of Terminal Layout.

Shapes/Symbols in layout:

  • Circle in the centre – Portal that souls spawn from
  • 4 rectangles surrounding circle – Gate/s to pay fare, queueing area for souls to pay fare
  • Basic lines inter-connecting gates – shows the vicinity of the waiting area
  • 6 triangles scattered around vicinity – each specific type of facility (Eating area/establishment, Gym, Naughty area, Infirmary, Night club/club, Bathroom). Names of each facility are not final, just to show as an example for now.
  • 4 bean shapes – the boats for the souls to travel in
  • Secondary line drawn between gate/s and boats – path/queue area for souls to depart in boats

Hopefully all that makes sense.

Feedback from my fellow teammates would be helpful as I want to know what still needs to be added/what’s missing/what I could better, etc. since I’m beginning to create the Level Grey Box for it in Unity. Once this is done, I can add the Level Design aspect of the game to the Game Design Document. I’m really hoping I can get these tasks done before class next week.

A part from the intensity raised from this project, I’m having much fun with it, especially since I haven’t done any level design in a while, its good refresh this skill again.

Better get on with the Level Grey Box.

Stay tuned.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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