Blog 5/Week 5: More Level Design work done (both actual Level Design and writing about it).

I’ve mentioned last time that I have been working on the Level Design of our Management Game and have been doing just that for the entirety of this week, just with more stuff to do.

Let me explain, I’ve finally finished the Level Grey Box and have my team look at it as well as receiving good feedback on it, which is great! Just what I wanted to hear. The programmers have been implementing the mechanics into the new level and from what I have heard, things have been going/working well in their end, thank god for that.

Here are some screenshots of the Level Grey Box that I created in Unity (still in its greybox stage, some elements are subject to change):

Greybox in all its beauty.

Greybox in all its beauty.

Greybox from top down view.

Greybox from top down view.

NB: Apologies if certain things in the greybox seem really difficult to see, I’m speculating whether or not to apply texture/colours to it.

Once I finished the Level Grey Box, I began writing [my version] of the Level Design aspect of the Game Design Document. One of the game designers A.K.A. Lead Designer in my team has made a start writing it but I figured I should write my own just so I can fully explain it how I would see fit. Since it has been a while writing about level design, I needed to read previous level design document/s to refresh my memory and it definitely helped. It is all written out (I’ve written all I can at least), it’s just a matter of clarifying things with the Lead Designer in order to actually implement it in the Game Design Document (GDD for short).

Pretty much from now til the First Milestone is due (which is Wednesday next week where we have to present it). I am aiming to get the Level Design writing part done as well as adding screenshots of said level and reference images/concept art I have drawn of the Souls before the due date.

Now that I’ve mentioned that, if you haven’t seen already, these are the concept art of the Souls which I have drawn about a week or so ago:

Page 1.

Page 1.

Page 2. Cute aren't they?

Page 2. Cute aren’t they?

NB: Again, apologies if the drawings seem unclear to look at. Still trying to figure out how to digitally illustrate them.

Also, this is like my first time ever drawing concept art for anything so more to come! If my “drawing abilities” let me.

I think I’ve covered what I have been up to this week, needless to say it’s been a very productive week for me, stress and all.

Until next time.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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