Blog 6/Week 6: Lead Designer Role, First Milestone due (Might get a bit reflective in this one, that’s kind of the point in blogs right?)

This week has been my most strenuous week to date. Due to certain circumstances in my team, and the fact that I’m reliable, I am now the Lead Designer of our team.

I’m going to be honest here, initially I had mixed feelings about this. In a way, yes, I’m flattered and I should be grateful that I have been appointed this role whereas another side of me feels that I don’t want it. It was never in my plans to be a Lead Designer at all for the duration of this project (it just came out of nowhere!) I don’t see myself as a lead for anything, I’m generally more of a person that works with someone that possesses that leadership quality. Also managing/assigning tasks for the designers, chasing them about their tasks, having the final say on things design related really isn’t my cup of tea. So in saying this, it kind of felt like a burden I had to bear.

We had our First Milestone presentation on Wednesday to the entire Studio 2 unit. The presentation went okay but my main concern was the actual prototype itself. Comparing our group’s updated prototype to every other group’s has indicated to us that we are so behind everyone. Every other group has managed to provide an art style as well as 3D assets in the game as opposed to us not providing any of that. We were too focused on getting the mechanics functioning well that we didn’t realise we needed to provide a bit of an aesthetic/mood to our game. We also needed to have more player interaction in our prototype (the player didn’t have that much to do) and there was definitely something lacking in that regard. This took on a toll on me since I thought we did something wrong that essentially made me think that we screwed up (It got me annoyed that I didn’t realise these faults in our prototype).

I guess all emotions/stress aside to be more objective, we as a group need to get our organisation sorted out (it’s all over the place, we need to make final decisions on the things). As long that we’re on top on the organisation, making those important decisions as well as the constant communication from everyone, I reckon we’ll be on top of things. This is just a learning curve (like any other challenge we’ll be facing), but we’ve definitely got our work cut out for us.

After talking to some people in my team about what a Lead Designer means, I kind of built a general understanding of it, I just need to work slightly more than usual. The Project Manager must see something in me to appoint me this role so I’ll take it as something that is good. The only other thing I could say about it is that I’ll do my best (even if it kills me), which is what anyone could ask for really. It will definitely be good practise for the real thing outside of college, career wise.

So from the feedback we’ve gathered from other people in our cohort as well as our facilitator/s, I definitely need to redesign the level grey box I created so that’s a given (greyboxes are always subject to change), I should get that done by week 8, maybe earlier depending on what other tasks need to be done.

In terms of tasks I need to do this week, I mainly just had to finalise the Game Design Document (I had some help from the Project Manager via a Skype meeting to go through it in detail and sought what needed to be done, having the final say on things, etc.) and had the other documents (Project Plan and the Technical Document), the updated prototype and its project files all for submission on Campus Online (both the Lead Programmer and myself had to make that submission for our team).

So between now and next week where there be a team meeting (possibly more than one), I’ll be doing some research in 3D development, which is one of my assigned tasks in the team (3D asset creation).

Well, better get this task underway.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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