Blog 10/Week 10: 2nd Milestone due, more Playtesting with our game, practicing Character Dialogue (I think there’s more).

Our 2nd Milestone is due this week as per the brief. This mainly consisted of someone playtesting our game who does play games but has never played our game before so this is good as it will give us another perspective of our game as an outsider. The whole playtest lasted longer than expected (we were given 15 mins of playtest time) then they had to fill out a questionnaire that we’ve created ourselves. That also took longer than expected (probably take note for next time to reduce a number of questions to ones that are more crucial I suppose?) but at the same time it was definitely the kind of feedback we really needed to hear. Some examples to what feedback we’ve been given: the opening tutorial had too much information, just put the essentials (player controls for example), bugs were present in game (this is a given as all prototype games have bugs all the time), etc. Design/aesthetic wise, the level design still needs more work (yay for scrapping more ideas and having to come up with new ones and such). So the Project Manager and I will be having a discussion about what we are going to do to improve on it (based on what we’ve written recently in the Game Design Document) in class next week. We’re taking the feedback given into consideration and working on it, again it was good to get an outsider’s opinion just to seek out what we’ve missed in our game.

I as well have been playtesting our game during the week, I aim to playtest at least once a day but if I could play more times in a day then that’s even better. If I find anything that doesn’t seem right in our game (bugs and all the like) then I immediately type it down in a bug list we’ve created in Google Doc. It’s really annoying because the same sort of bugs keep coming up as well as some new ones. The consistent bug that keeps showing up: The Ticketing Minions in game have decided to stop collecting fare from the good and bad souls, they function for a little while but after playtesting the game overtime they cease to function which causes the queueing state of the souls to accumulate until the max queue state is reached. Another bug I saw is at the beginning tutorial, the skip option doesn’t work (player gets stuck and can’t move on to the next phase of gameplay), leading to no gameplay at all. Luckily one of the programmers in our team has fixed this. I figured I should keep the playtesting going as I know there will always be bugs coming up our way and we will try and eliminate as much as we can till the final milestone that’s due in 3 weeks’ time.

The Project Manager and I have begun practising the Character Dialogue which will be implemented as the voice acting aspect of the game. We both have dry read the dialogue as a whole then actually started practicing it together late nights at College as well as practicing it individually. Based on what our facilitator has given feedback on the dialogue, it still needs work to do. So we have to do that and at the same time practice voicing the characters before Wednesday’s session as we will have an audio session then.

With regards to exegesis work, it’s still in its elementary stage, so I need to do more research as well as go through with my facilitator their feedback on my draft exegesis.

So far, these are some links I’ve found/read through some that may or may not be useful for my exegesis:

With these links, some of the stuff I’m researching involves: Greek Mythology (specifically the concept of the Underworld as well as the River Styx and Souls), playing some management games and taking notes on how they work (so noting down game mechanics) and trying to find some articles on designing a management game (this last one I’m finding very difficult because I still haven’t found any related articles, hopefully they’ll come up when I research more). I still have a couple of weeks till I have to finish my exegesis so I’ll be chomping at it bit by bit since I have other tasks that need to be done, especially in my other unit I take up at College.

On that note, I’m going to continue working on a presentation I have to deliver for Tuesday’s class in the afternoon.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).

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