Blog 13/Week 13: This Is The End (or a New Beginning?)

We have reached the last week of the trimester people! I know, can’t believe it myself (finishing classes like all the yes!).

So this week we had our final milestone due where our team had to do a 5 minute presentation as if we’re selling our game to potential investors then had a few staff members from the College to come in and playtest our game. After the playtest, all of them gave some really good/helpful feedback even though taking in criticism is always hard, I recall one of them saying that when someone is criticising your game that you’ve envisioned it is most likely disheartening to hear but it was necessary. A phrase I always abide by seems to help me through stuff: suffer well (even at times it doesn’t seem that way but still). I hope this kind of feedback happens frequently in the next trimester (like every week or something) because damn son…. It is definitely something that is crucial for further game development. After all of that everyone in the class had to fill out a post-mortem Google Form, let’s just say that I had A LOT to type out while answering the questions. I typed as much as I could and hopefully put my point across for my facilitator to read through (thank god that I didn’t write a thesis because that could take ages).

I have also completed and submitted my Exegesis as this is my individual task as a designer. Hopefully that I was on the right track when I wrote it because most of the time I was writing and reflecting beyond the game itself and wow, it’s legit intriguing stuff. I found interesting especially when I was writing about the psychological aspect of our game, how the functioning of the AI (in this case the souls in game) could potentially manoeuvre like crowds in transport terminals in real life, how they move, why they move, discuss more on the wandering state of the souls but that could take pages I reckon so if you are interested in reading my Exegesis then just let me know.

I have done this sort of thing when I was writing every week last trimester on the last dev blog and I’ll do it again because it’s important to me…. To everyone in my team who I have worked with for the past 13 weeks this tri, I just want to say that despite the trials and tribulations that all of us had to face with the project and with each other, I still remain grateful that I have worked with you all, I know there are a few people in my team that I have worked with previously and that’s awesome that I’ve worked with you guys again as well as working with others whom I haven’t worked with before. I’m really glad that I got to know some of you (and some that I’ve gotten to know real closely). It is very interesting to see what everyone’s work ethic is like and taking on the role of Lead Designer late in the project was very, very stressful yet rewarding. I’ve learned quite a lot and am very eager to learn more about lead roles/more of the things if it ever lands on my lap again.

Oh yeah almost forgot, if y’all want to play our “finished game” then by all means go to the link down below and have a play! (I should warn you though, if you’re wearing headphones or have the volume on high when playing this game, then I’d suggest toning down the volume, just do it. You’ll thank me later). It’s not the best game in the world but it is definitely something that my team and I are very proud of creating and the fact that’s it’s a working game! Feedback is always welcome, I look forward to hearing it.

Here’s the link, go nuts:

Thanks to everyone that has joined me on this journey and reading my blogs every week for the past 13 weeks, it means a lot to me.

Until this happens again in the next tri, I wish everyone HAPPY GAMING!

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).

Ps. I might take a hiatus from writing for a little bit during the trimester break but hopefully I can write something that is my own for once, we’ll see what happens.


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