Blog 2/Week 3: Researching in how to write a blog.

I probably should’ve written this as my “Blog 1” entry but I’ll write it now since it’s something I have been looking up as of late.

I recall in week 1 of classes, particularly in Web Design (one of my elective units), we all had to research how to write blogs since this forms as our second assessment in the unit. I looked up a bunch of them via Google and they all look interesting. When I first wrote blogs, I never really researched on how to write one, I basically just sat in front on the computer and thought about what to write. It took a moment but I did it. So I thought that I should have a go researching what makes a good blog. Based on what I’ve research, they essentially say the same sort of thing:

  • Find your focus/topic
  • Write your own way/ be yourself
  • Limit word count (if so desired).

In this case I have to write the minimum of 150 words or more. I found it somewhat helpful, like if I’m having a bit of trouble writing a blog, I can either look up this in research or I can simply find some source of inspiration in a certain subject or topic that I enjoy. But yeah, the results of researching how to write a blog, majority of them sound more or less the same and if you’re thinking of writing a blog especially if you’re doing it for the first time then I’d suggest this research to help you out.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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