Blog 4/Week 7: Benefits of Video Gaming

Since the invention of gaming, it pretty much is more than just playing, it has become a part of our lifestyle (assuming one does indeed play video games). There are a few who see the negative effects of gaming, especially for young children who produce violent behaviour. There have been studies shown that this is not always the case, there’s more positive than negative results of this.

These are a few that are beneficial of gaming:

  • Video games create team players and improve social skills
  • Video game bring forth decision making and the fact that it makes one to think of their feet
  • Video games improve maths and language skills
  • Video games reduce stress and depression

With the last dot point, there has been a study that found that gamers who suffered from mental health issues such as stress and depression were able to vent their frustration and aggression by playing video games as a result showed a noted improvement. The study hypothesized that games gave certain “Type A” personalities time to relax in “a state of relative mindlessness” that allowed them to avoid reaching “a certain level of stressful arousal” as they tried to relax. (Gallagher, 2013).

Like anything else, as long as video games are played in moderation as opposed to playing in extreme levels then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).


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