Blog 5/Week 9: Using Forums in Gaming.


Forums in the internet (aka Internet Forums) is where people go online and hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

The use of forums for gaming has been very helpful to players. It aids us as it is used as a communication tool and to help one another. Examples of this is when players can look up on forums for certain topics of interest like a certain section of a game (if they are getting stuck and need some help with it) and they can have a discussion on it, it can have sub sections of said topic, etc. It can be ranging from random topics to informative ones, it really depends on where one looks. It is pretty much one giant communicator of all things gaming. There are a lot of forums out there. For me I’m a recent user of it since I use a forum to keep track of events, need to know info about a certain thing, find subjects that already exist, etc. For gamers, gaming forums benefits them as they will know the reviews of the games, pretty much having the players read on about a certain game or whatever it is and they can voice their opinions about as they please.


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