Blog 6/Week 11: The use of Social Media in Gaming.

social media and gaming.

I’ve noticed that the use of social media in gaming has existed ever since the consoles have integrated a sharing function to its users.

Ever since the release of the consoles such as the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the Wii U, both social media and gaming have merged themselves in order to make the user experience more and more social even if one plays by themselves. Since this has existed, the ability to access your own social media accounts/channels via game consoles is possible: the integration of Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube and all the like has been made possible without switching devices whatsoever. So pretty much gamers who do actively use social media can do so, e.g. Status updates, watching YouTube videos directly from one’s console. Also players can screenshot what they’ve been playing and upload that on their channels or even forums to engage further interaction with other users. Players can also share their achievements as well, they can pretty much see what games they’re playing, what achievements they have, etc. Nintendo have even created a social network for gamers to communicate within the experience, this is called the Miiverse and allows Wii U users to go into forums (each one dedicated to a specific game) where they can chat about the game, draw pictures and also take screenshots of games they’ve been playing. Not to mention this has been integrated into mobile gaming as well. For instance, games like Minion Rush, players can connect their Facebook within the game and they can see a leaderboard of other users who have also linked their Facebook to the game.

The merge of both social media and gaming seem to benefit other users as they are harmonious to each other.



DFTBA. (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome)





Bannister, K. (April 10, 2013). How social media is changing the video game industry. Retrieved from







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